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The Ultimate Guide to Master Chords (Sample)

The Ultimate Guide to Master Chords (Sample)

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The Ultimate Guide to Master Chords  will give you a thorough understanding of EVERY chord you’ll need to play virtually any song. If you want to play your favourite songs, the chords you’re looking for are in this guide.

The best part is you’ll learn all the shortcuts and see how all chords are related to each other. We’ll go into each one step-by-step.

You’ll learn how chords are formed and how they create certain feelings (aka chord qualities). An example of this is a major chord feels happy and upbeat, while a minor chord feels more serious or mellow. You’ll learn simple formulas to create multiple types of chords, extended chords, altered chords and much more!

You’ll also discover inversions and how different variations of chords add more flavour to your playing. The sky's the limit to your growth when you master chords!

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