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Master The Piano: Ultimate Guide Collection (Digital Download)

Master The Piano: Ultimate Guide Collection (Digital Download)

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Do you have a strong desire to learn how to play the piano, without relying on sheet music? Look no further.

Master the piano with our comprehensive Ultimate Guide Collection. It's a complete 4 step system to playing music by ear. 

Here's the what you'll discover:


The Ultimate Guide to the Fundamentals is the first step in our series. It gives you a solid foundation to everything you need to know about the basics and fundamentals of music.

Once you go through this guide, you’ll have a rock solid base which every other concept will be built upon.


The Ultimate Guide to Master Chords gives you a thorough understanding of EVERY chord you’ll need to play virtually any song. If you have a favourite song, the chord you’re looking for is in this program.


The Ultimate Guide to Master Progressions picks up from our guide to Master Chords and you'll learn PATTERNS in music. 

You’ll discover how to take chords and systematically create progressions, which lead to playing real songs.

You’ll also discover a universal truth about about music that most people miss.


The Ultimate Guide to Master Songs will give you the strategies to fully understand song structure and much more. 

Imagine having a blueprint on how to break down a song from scratch. You’ll learn how to pick up bass tones, play diatonic chords, inversions and put them all together to create beautiful sounding music. 

This complete collection will give you clear and simple method to learn everything you need to know about playing music by ear, without all the fluff.

It's a proven system that actually works!

  • Get a complete thorough approach to learning music by ear. 
  • A deep understanding of notes, scales, intervals, chords, progressions, and how to play songs.
  • A comprehensive look at the musical learning process and how to break free from the traditional path to becoming a full fledged ear musician - playing what you feel and on the spot. 
  • A step-by-step process to master the art of playing music by ear in just four simple steps.
  • And much more! 

Download your guides today and uncover the hidden principles that drive the music!

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