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The Ultimate Guide To The Fundamentals (Sample)

The Ultimate Guide To The Fundamentals (Sample)

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The Ultimate Guide to the Fundamentals gives you a solid foundation and everything you’ll need to know about the basics and fundamentals of playing the piano by ear.

You’ll learn the note names, white keys, black keys, half steps, whole steps, the 12 major and 12 minor scales, the number system, intervals, major and minor thirds and so much more!

This guide will set the stage for future lessons on learning chords, progressions and songs. It’s the first step in our complete four part series on playing music by ear.

Many musicians that skip the fundamentals get stuck only playing in a handful of keys, have no clue about what they’re playing and never realize their full potential. This program solves this problem!

Perfect for beginners and also serves as a great refresher for intermediate and advanced musicians.

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