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The One Thing I'd Learn If I Was Starting Over

If there's one thing I would want to learn if I was just starting out, knowing what I know now, it would be the Circle of Fourths and Fifths.

When you master this, there is literally no limit to your playing potential and your understanding of music will shoot through the roof.

Check it out below.

Circle of Fourths and Fifths


This chart is music in its ENTIRETY on paper — it’s absolutely vital that you learn and master it!

The Circle is the secret weapon musicians and artists use to play all your favourite songs without relying on sheet music.

It’s a visual representation of the ALL the relationships between notes, key signatures (scales), chords, and progressions in music.

It’s an all in one package — 3 fold in fact!

This chart was one of the greatest discoveries I made on my music journey and it will be a game changer for you.

It organizes the 12 keys in music in relationships of 4ths and 5ths.

If you start at C and flow to the right, you’re moving in 5ths.

If you start at C and flow to the left, you’re moving in 4ths.

Now the REAL magic happens when you move COUNTERCLOCKWISE when you start from C.


If this is your first time seeing this, I highly recommend grabbing our guide on how to learn progressions to get a more in depth look.

It encompasses the relationships between the 12 tones of the piano keyboard, their corresponding key signatures, and the associated Major and Minor keys.

When you sit down and analyze songs, you’ll find majority of them have what's called “circular movement”.

You'll find most songs move like this.

If you can memorize this, you’ll have more knowledge than 70% of musicians. Learn more here.

I hope this helps!

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